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In we can buy and sell bitcoins to people across Europe. The web works like localbitcoins, but with an added touch of German seriousnes.

Purchase Process

Before you can purchase you have to register, as usual. Once registered you will have to attach a bank account to your user; this account will be the only one that can be used to send and receive transfers, according to the site terms of service.

To attach the bank account, you need to provide the following information:

  • Credit Institute. Bank name.
  • Account holder. Name of the account holder, as shown in it.
  • IBAN.  Account number for international transactions, you should be able to easily find information on your bank account, if not, you can check with your bank.
  • BIC. This unique code identifies your bank for international transactions.
  • Account number. This is the full number of our own, with the digits of bank (4 digits), office (4), digit control (2) and the account number (10) itself.
  • Bank code (BLZ). This is just the first four digits of our account number, which identifies the bank.

Once they have this information, will send a transfer of 0,01€ with a code on the concept of the transfer, which we will have to enter on their website to confirm that the bank account is ours.

Update. has changed its verification process, now it is faster but a bit more expensive; we enter our bank details throught a platform called SOFORT, which charges us €0.20 before giving our bank account for verified.